About Us

G-Mart is a largest Online Marketplace in Pakistan where customers can purchase huge variety of various items under an umbrella. G-Mart offers fantastic collections of Dresses, Jewellery, Beauty Items, Health & Fitness Products, Accessories and Footwear.

We are providing opportunities to young entrepreneurs having low income wants to market their business. Our aim is to help and boost female entrepreneurs businesses

We are providing opportunity to young entrepreneurs belonging particularly from rural and also from urban areas having low income and limited access to markets to sell their products. G-Mart takes the responsibility to market their products without any charges from them. We are helping to boost business of these low income young entrepreneurs.

G-Mart is a platform that help people especially females having limited funds to market their products who nonetheless have unique skills to handcraft items from clothing, jewelry to household items. These people do not have resources to present and sell their products either because of limited channels to market/sell products or not having suitable access to transact. G-Mart is a platform where they can upload their products. G-Mart helps them to generate leads by marketing their items using digital marketing strategy.

G-Mart is owned by Softech Logix (SMC-Pvt) Ltd.